Law Firm Social Media: Yes, This Applies to You

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This “Law Firm Social Media: Yes, This Applies to You” is the fourth installment in PaperStreet’s free webinar series. It is geared towards attorneys and law firms who find Social Media intimidating and overwhelming. This webinar goes over value of Social Media; an overview of the big networks; which ones are the most popular; and the best ways to utilize these Social Media outlets for your law firm. You can download the PowerPoint version of our Law Firm Social Media Webinar.

The webinar addresses law firm Social Media questions and subjects such as:

  • The Value of Social Media
  • Why Social Media applies to Law Firms
  • Social Media Statistics
  • An Overview of the Big Social Media Networks
  • Easy ways to Communicate using Social Media
  • Listening, Sharing, and Engaging Followers

If you would like any assistance in setting up a Social Media campaign of your lawyer website, contact PaperStreet today at 954-523-2181.

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