LAW DIRECTORIES INFOGRAPHIC: First Page Rankings are Just a Directory Away

A Profile on These Law Directories is Critical

Amidst the ever changing and growing world of SEO, there is one constant that has, is, and will continue to be, an important factor in getting your website ranked … links. Backlinks are acquired by another website linking to yours and are similar to votes during an election. Every single vote increases the power of you getting elected. In the case of link building, it increases the authority of your website and tells Google that your site is important.

Link building is dictated by two things in today’s world of SEO: quality and relevancy. Arbitrary ambiguous backlinks just for the sake of getting a link no longer help your website. Every link you get must be not only of the highest quality, but represent to Google that you are part of your industry. As Google’s algorithms increase in their specificity, this will become more important.

Some of the most powerful links you can obtain are through high quality directories. They not only account for a large amount of site traffic but have great rankings within Google search results. In the legal industry, there are four major directories that have free profiles and give attorneys great online referral traffic and exposure.

The infographic below shows how important these websites are. You can see that traffic and search engine results are huge for these sites, but it is also important to note that these directories will often rank higher than any law firm website, simply because of the power and authority of the directories. Needless to say, with the large amount of referral traffic directed to your website from a quality relevant directory, there is no reason not to create a free profile with them. This is a great way to kickstart your link building campaign.

Inbound REferral Trafiic from Legal Websites

Still Not Convinced? 

Check out these other posts about SEO and link building. We cannot stress enough the importance of quality back links to your site. Creating a free profile on the four law directories above is a great place to start.

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