Importance of Online Law Firm Reviews and Star Ratings

Your online reputation as a business is now more important than ever. When you are looking for a new product or service, do you typically look at reviews first? Most likely, you do! This is the same scenario for your firm and your potential customers. Your visitors would like to see real testimonials from previous customers to help them make a better decision on selecting the best company or product for the job. Visitors typically look at your firm’s online profiles for real reviews including Google Plus, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and other review websites.

Your Online Business Reputation

We recommend that your firm obtains legitimate online reviews as much as possible.  This helps prove credibility to prospective customers and boosts your authority. Positive reviews are a very important part of your reputation as a business and strengthen your internet marketing efforts. They set you apart from your competitors and are a strong authority signal to Google and other search engines.

Once a service has been completed, you should contact your client via e-mail and cordially ask them to provide feedback of your service. Here at PaperStreet, we recommend adding a review page to your website to make things easier as it is a handy link you can send to your clients afterwards. This review page is a one-stop shop for your clients to see all of the websites they can leave a review for you on. We can either make the webpage accessible or keep it hidden and only visitors with the link will know about the page.

Google Star Ratings in the Map Pack

Once your Google+ business page receives more than five reviews, your overall star rating will be shown if you appear in a local map pack (example below). Wouldn’t you be more inclined to click on a company or firm that shows an abundance of great reviews? We would too and that’s why we want to stress the importance of having legitimate online reviews. Please note, the map pack will only appear for localized searches as determined by Google.

Example of Google's map pack with star ratings showing

Google Rich Snippet Reviews in Search Results

Once your ratings and reviews are established, we highly recommend the next logical step: setting up a Google rich snippet for your reviews to help with added exposure and better click-through rates on organic listings. Having this rich snippet installed gives your star rating the ability to appear even if you are outside the local map pack! Please note, the review itself will need to be updated and displayed on your website. We set up your website in a way that tells Google to show the review as a rich snippet in the search results page.

Example of Google rich snippet review

Don’t Forget to Keep it Real

Just like offline life, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This applies to reviews as well. Completely stay away from fake reviews; avoid reviews that border on fake (i.e. I’m looking at you, family members) and particularly if the reviews just happen to be packed full of keywords within your SEO campaign.

We are sure that you are excellent at what you do for a living; just ask your happy clients to give you that online testimonial.

Questions or Feedback?

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If you need any assistance in regards to reviews for your company website, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

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