How to Combat Negative Reviews for Law Firm Ratings Sites

You likely won’t receive all positive reviews and testimonials. Especially in the legal industry where there are so many places clients (or non-clients) can leave negative comments and low ratings. You normally can’t delete these comments, but there are ways to combat negative reviews posted on law firm rating sites. The most important thing to remember is to stay level headed. No matter how “unfair” the review is, don’t respond negatively. Keep your cool.

Post Positive Reviews

Use any review site as a positive way to get exposure.  If you have negative reviews, and you are actually a good lawyer, then post your positive, legitimate client reviews as well.  Instead of viewing these sites in a negative light, view them as a chance to shine.  After you get a bad review, solicit reviews via email or phone call from select favorite clients.

Ask them to go to any (or all) of the following websites and leave a positive comment about you and your firm:

It is important to note that the reviews should come from the client’s computer software, as typically these sites verify by email and/or by unique computer IP address. It is always best to have your clients post from their computers.

If you are posting reviews yourself because your clients cannot post, then keep in mind that too many reviews in too little amount of time, from the same computer, can trigger filters or manual reviews that block your postings.  It also just looks odd when 10+ reviews all hit the website at the same time, so spread them out when posting.

Create a Highly Ranked Testimonials Page

By creating testimonials page that ranks high you are putting the good information up front and, essentially, burying the bad. Create a testimonials page and get it ranked high for your “firm name + review”, or “your firm name + testimonials”.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create the testimonials page on your website.
  2. Add in quotes from users (this is a good place to aggregate posts from various review sites).
  3. Set the title tag to read something like “[Your Firm Name] Reviews & Testimonials.”
  4. Internally link to that page from your home page, sitemap and other critical pages.
  5. Build a few links from other websites to this page.  These links can be from your social media accounts, press release websites, and other partners.

Give it some time to take effect, but you will probably rank higher for your own name and reviews. Don’t forget to keep the pages updated.

Start a Review Process

Internally, you need to start a review process to get out in front of any negativity. Include a review or testimonials process as part of your exit surveys with clients.  Make it an internal goal to have clients provide one testimonial. Ideally, they would do so online from their own computer, but if they provide feedback via email add it to the custom testimonials page on your website.


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