How Lawyers Can Take Advantage of Exclusive Web Content

Use What You Have to Boost Page Views, Increase Back Links

As a lawyer you likely have some interesting cases. The stories of your lawsuits and experiences can be relevant to the general public if they are newsworthy, weird, or exclusive. The hard part is identifying the opportunities that you can leverage to boost your online presence. It can be done if you know what to look for.

For example, we helped a law firm secure backlinks from Inside Edition, CBS, Channel 10, Local 10 and Univision in just 48 hours by posting exclusive content and video on their website. The law firm website saw an 80% increase in page views and a 179% increase in page sessions within the first week.

Image 1 Just one day after posting the press release we received back links from the following publications:

  • Inside Edition (domain authority of 72, rage rank of 6)
  • CBS (domain authority of 95, page rank of 9)
  • Channel 10 (domain authority of 73, page rank of 5)
  • Local 10 (domain authority of 73, page rank of 4)
  • Univision (domain authority of 83, page rank of 7)


Keep it Exclusive

By mere definition of the word, “exclusive” means only a limited number of people have access. If you want to benefit from the buzz it is important to stay part of the conversation by inviting people back to your website to view the whole story, video, picture, etc.

You should ask yourself these questions before posting potentially viral content on the web:

  • What is keeping others from stealing the copy? Perhaps you need a disclaimer, or means of prohibiting others from copying and pasting?
  • What video hosting website is the best option? YouTube and Vimeo have different privacy settings. For example, in the case study above we used Vimeo because their privacy settings allowed anyone to watch it, but kept everyone from downloading the video.
  • Are there sources to cite? Before you hit “post” take a second look to ensure that all your sources are cited, if needed.

Prep for New Visitors

If all goes well and your plan works then you should be prepared for the increase in page views. People are visiting your website – what do you want them to do? Ask yourself these questions and tweak your content strategy as needed.

  • Is it easy to share the content? Ensure you have social and email buttons activated so it is easy for others to share the content.
  • Do we want to enable comments? Comments on the web have their place and they are often detrimental to a story. Carefully consider whether comments will add to the story. If not, disable them quickly.

Take Advantage of Your Agency Partnership

No one knows your business better than you – not even your internet marketing team. You understand the goals, habits, needs, accomplishments and culture of your business in a way we can never understand.

It isn’t hard to write a press release, upload a video and create a new page. It isn’t even hard to do it all in a 24-hour timeline. The hardest part is identifying the opportunity to boost rankings and creating a plan to make it all happen.

This is why having an SEO team is so important. When you see an opportunity to create viral content we can jump in and help. SEO is a partnership between you, and your marketing firm.

Learn About Our SEO Packages

If you’re interested in speaking with a team member about how we can grow your domain authority, give us a call: 954-523-2181. We have SEO packages available at a range of prices – we’re sure we have something to meet your goals.

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