How Do I Change My Username And Business Name On Facebook And Twitter?

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It’s Easier Than You Think

Updating information on your Twitter and Facebook page is generally pretty easy. However, there are some elements that require approval from each network or may impact your page in ways you might not realize. Before you make the switch, familiarize yourself first with the basics.

Changing your Facebook Page Name

Changing your business name on your Facebook page usually requires approval from Facebook before it can take effect. Your claim may be denied if the proposed new name is not close enough to the current name or violates any of their page guidelines. If your Facebook page has not been used and has very few likes, the easiest thing may be to create a new page with the new name. However, this is never recommended for active pages with a large amount of likes and engagement.

For more information on how to change your page name, check out Facebook’s support section.

Facebook Usernames

The unique identifier in your Facebook page url (the ending of the url as indicated by xyz: facebook.com/xyz) is called your username. If your url includes your page name with a long string of numbers, you do not have a unique username associated with your page. See examples below:

  • Facebook page with a Unique Usernamewww.facebook.com/paperstreet 
  • Example of the format for a Facebook page without a unique username: www.facebook.com/The-Law-Firm-Name-123456789112345/

Things to Consider When Changing Your Facebook Username

  • To select a username you can follow these steps.
  • Keep in mind not all pages are eligible to create a username, especially if the page is fairly new with very little activity.
  • If you want to change your username, you may only be given one chance to change it.
  • The desired username may not be used by anyone else, so keep in mind you can’t always get the one you want.
  • Facebook has specific guidelines on what can be in your username which you can see here.
  • If you change your username, your old Facebook url will not redirect to your new url. Meaning, anywhere the old Facebook page url is linked will no longer work.

Changing your Twitter Profile Name

Changing your Twitter profile name is very easy. It does not require approval and the updated name will show immediately after changing it. However, keep in mind you are limited to 20 characters (this includes spaces). You simply just click “edit profile” while on your Twitter profile and update the name as needed.

Twitter Username

The unique identifier in your Twitter profile url (the ending of the url as indicated by xyz: twitter.com/xyz) is called your username. It is also sometimes referred to as a Twitter handle. This also appears under your name on Twitter and is how other accounts tag and mention you. For example, our Twitter username is @paperstreet and our url is twitter.com/paperstreet. However, keep in mind you are limited to 15 characters.

Things to Consider When Changing Your Twitter Username

  • Twitter usernames are very easy to change within the settings of your account
  • Usernames are limited to 15 characters
  • Usernames can only use letters, numbers, and underscores. That means no spaces or symbols allowed.
  • If you change your username, your old Twitter url will not redirect to your new url. Meaning, anywhere the old Twitter url is linked will no longer work.
    • There is a slight workaround for to help with this issue. Some people create a new account with a dummy username, edit the old Twitter username to a dummy one as well, go back to the new account and change it to the old username, and finally change the old account to the desired new username. It sounds confusing, but it basically allows them to own both usernames and put a note saying they have changed the account to something else. There is always a chance Twitter could remove the old one since you are technically not using it anymore, so keep this in mind.
  • You can read more about handles from Twitter here

Further Learning

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10 Responses to How Do I Change My Username And Business Name On Facebook And Twitter?

  1. Lena
    8:21 am on May 10th, 2017

    Ashley, do you know if a Facebook PROFILE username gets changed, does it become available for that person’s PAGE, which was created via the convert profile to page option? (Everything I find online about this is old and outdated, there used to be a transfer option but that is gone and I am afraid to change my profile name to try, only to have it become unavailable to use altogether, as some suggest.)

  2. Ashley Romer
    4:16 pm on March 30th, 2018

    Hi Lena. I am not 100% certain on this. I would think the username would not be available altogether, as it seems standard to not release usernames if someone has used them before in the past. It may be best to keep it for your profile and choose something closely related for the page itself.

  3. David
    6:59 pm on November 6th, 2017

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. I have a similar question as Lena above.

    If you convert your profile over to a page, will it move the unique name over to the page?

  4. Ashley Romer
    4:18 pm on March 30th, 2018

    Hi David, unfortunately I am not too certain on this issue. Let me know if you found a helpful solution and thanks for checking out our article!

  5. Peter Brown
    9:03 am on January 29th, 2018

    I updated my username on Twitter a while ago, from @happilymusical to @lakespianist but noticed that it has still not updated on my Facebook business page.
    Please explain how to rectify this.

  6. Ashley Romer
    4:14 pm on March 30th, 2018

    Hi Peter! To change your username on Facebook, You will need to go to your Facebook page and click on about. Then from there you will see your username under General and you can click edit beside it. You can then update and save. Hope this helps!

  7. Blair Mclees
    11:36 am on March 23rd, 2018

    how do we remove the “@” symbol on our fan or business page on fb… the old owner created @Klutchchronicle under the page name KLUTCH…. WE WANT TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE THING.. or make it @klutchlacrosse

  8. Ashley Romer
    4:00 pm on March 30th, 2018

    You must be a manager of the page in order to change the name. If you don’t have access, unfortunately there is not much that can be done as Facebook support is not very helpful. I would suggest reporting the page for removal by clicking the 3 dots below the header image and then clicking report. I did a quick search and didn’t find the FB page you were mentioning, so I suppose you might have solved the issue. Feel free to let us know the direct link or more info if not!

  9. Elaine Bryck
    3:13 pm on July 3rd, 2018

    I have a FB profile called NOTL Ukesters and from that…a page called Niagara on the Lake Ukesters. Unfortunately for us….it’s much easier for potential page followers to do a search for NOTL Ukesters rather than spelling it out completely. So…people tend to reach our profile rather than the page. We run all our posts from the page. Can I change the name of our profile to something else…Jane Doe…or anything so that anyone searching our name ends up on our page. Any ngative ramifications you know of? Sheesh…hope that made sense..?.?

  10. Randy
    11:53 am on June 19th, 2020

    I have one login for my personal FB page but that links to my business page. I want to changemy name on my personal page without any interuption to my fb business page. Is that possible?

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