How Big is Your Door? Marketing Comparisons: World vs. Online

Getting your foot in the door is the key to sales. You want to be on the short list. But how do you get on the list?

This article shows the counterpart of all real-world marketing efforts with their online version. The idea is that the more you do, the more successful your business will become. So if you are lacking in one area, you might want to consider reading up on the topic and integrating it into your marketing effort.

Real World Online World
Biz cards Email
Letterhead Email Signature
Brochure Web Site
Proposal PDF Brochure Download
Publications Blog
Books Digital Download
Speaking Web Chat
Sponsorship Banner Advertising
Networking Twitter, Facebook, etc.
TV Online Video
Radio Podcast
Advertising Pay Per Click
Conferences WebEx Meetings
Referrals Affiliates
Direct Mail Email Newsletter
Yellow Page Listing Search Optimization

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