Hit by Google Penguin? Unfortunately, You’ll Have to Wait to Recover

Google Penguin Stalls Back Link Clean-Up Results

Recently, one of our clients was told they will have to wait until the next Penguin refresh to see the results of their back link clean up come to fruition. True? Yes, it is. Unfortunately, if you’ve started working on a back link cleanup after October 17, 2014 (Penguin 3.0) then you are at the mercy of the next Penguin algorithm refresh, or at least until the Penguin algorithm begins to work in real-time.

“Penguin algorithm updates have historically been processed offline and pushed at a specific point in time. Google would process all the Penguin data offline and then pushed the data live, which would change in the search results,” says  Search Engine Land. Google announced that they hope to release a self-updating version soon, but until then users have to wait to see results.

“Currently, the data has to be manually refreshed to see any ranking changes for sites impacted by Penguin,” said an article in Search Engine Land.

Google has made mention that they won’t be doing any refreshes in the future and it will be all done in real-time, but there hasn’t been 100 percent confirmation of the actual date for the real-time Penguin algorithm updates, which would negate companies having to wait for a refresh in order to see results from severing ties with bad back links. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, Google will be rolling out the real-time Penguin updates and this will all be a moot point.

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