Google Places: A Fast Way to Appear Above Organic Search Results

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Google now places a huge emphasis on having a local listing – a Google Places account. In fact, for service categories, the search results are embedded with local results. The “seven pack,” as it has affectionately been labeled, now shows the A through G local listings over most organic SEO searches.

This is big. This is a game changer.

Google effectively hones in on your location based on your IP address and gives you local listings based on your location and search terms. It is now even more important to be listed in Google Places and not be left behind.

If you are thinking about setting up or revising your SEO campaign, it is important to consider Google Places and local search. A properly set up Google Places campaign can bring in thousands of impressions and hundreds of actions per month.

If you want to see a great looking Google Places Performance, look no further. Check out the graphic below of one of our clients. The numbers speak for themselves: over 1,200 impressions and 74 actions each month. An impression means the listing could have been viewed and an action means the user clicks on the listing.

Google Places from PaperStreet

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