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I write, and I know things. Like, for example, when you play the Game of Websites, you need to have an inside edge to help you beat out the competition. The Google Marketing Platform can be just the tool you need to help you better collaborate and share data.

Many people might not even realize they have access to this powerful platform, but if you use any Google product, you can log in to the dashboard and view a plethora of tools and products.

Platform Tools

The Platform Tools section gives you access to several features, including:

  • Integration Center – If you manage several accounts, this feature will be helpful and offers an overview of products that connect and those that you can integrate. You won’t have to log in to several different locations to manage integrations, which will save you valuable time.
  • Administration – Easily manage several accounts and all the users quickly.

Google Products

Google products have powerful insights and performance-boosting data about your site. You just need to know where to look and how to understand the information to improve and optimize your website.

  • Analytics – Google Analytics provides information about your site’s users, revenue, conversion rate, sessions and bounce rate, helping you to evaluate your marketing, content and product performance better.
  • Optimize – Google’s split-testing tool allows you to split-test different types of content via A/B testing, redirect tests and multivariate testing.
  • Tag Manager – This free tool lets you effectively manage and deploy marketing tags. These types of tags are essentially snippets of code or tracking pixels that you place on your site without having to modify your site’s code.
  • Data Studio – This reporting solution provides detailed data beyond Google Analytics, including more customization options, interactive controls and live data.
  • Google Surveys – An excellent tool for surveys, this feature lets you design a survey in a variety of different formats, such as a star rating, multiple-choice and question formats. Furthermore, you can decide who you want to respond to the survey and reach highly targeted audiences.

Advertising Tools

If you’re an advertiser and are interested in more robust tools, Google offers some superb programs, such as:

  • Display & Video 360 – This solution is specifically designed for enterprises, and lets companies effectively manage campaigns, including creative development and media planning, helping measure optimization.
  • Search Ads 360 – This tool enables you to get the most from search campaigns, letting you respond in real-time and at scale.

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