Get Snazzy with a new Google+ Cover Photo for your Law Firm

A white, rounded square logo with an abstract S-shaped design on a gradient blue and purple background.

On Google+ you can have both a profile photo and a cover photo for your law firm page.

Profile Photo

Your profile photo is a small photo that will be used on your Plus page and in all Shares, search results, and anywhere else a tiny photo is needed. Some quick tips for a profile photo:

  1. Make it be you.  Don’t put in objects, logos, or buildings.
  2. Make it have a good background graphic.  It will stand out better in search.  Try a unique color, so that it does not get lost in the shuffle of other profile pics.
  3. Make it large enough so the people can see you in search.   If you are too zoomed out, you will just have a tiny head.
  4. Try out different photos; you can see the changes pretty quickly.

Here is how a profile pic shows up in search:


Cover Photo

Google+ recently changed its layout for the cover photos.  You now can have a MEGA cover photo. In fact we uploaded a 1728 x 976 photo size.  Yikes that is big.

The good news is that it resizes to fit the size of the cover page.   Some quick tips for a cover photo:

  1. Include Your Logo.
  2. Include your key benefit.
  3. Include some other cool design. Get creative and brand your firm.

With us we showcased some of our designs.  For law firms, you may showcase your website, office, key case result, or anything else that is important.

Here is how a Cover Photo can look:



Google+ is gaining traction.  Make sure your Plus page is all filled out and ready to go.


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