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Free Web Site – Grilled 2pc – Brilliant Marketing!

As you all know, KGC / KFC (Kentucky Grilled Chicken / Kentucky Fried Chicken) was offering a free 2pc meal for the past two days. Well after much ballyhoo KFC had to cancel the campaign, due to too much success.

Brilliant marketing.

You get all the buzz and hardly none of the cost. You are front page news on most major newspapers, twitter is all abuzz, and you get to hype your new product.

In all fairness, you can still show up to KFC and get a “raincheck” for your meal. Of course, how many are going to go in, get a raincheck, wait for it to come, then go back and get a free meal. Since most of the time rebates are redeemed 21% of the time, I would expect this is a huge windfall for KGC / KFC.

Perhaps PaperStreet, or your business, should do the same?”  Offer a free web site for a day, legal consult, or your product. Then get tons of interest and cancel the campaign due to too much success. Finally, offer rain checks in the future and profit from the hype.


Peter Boyd :