Florida Probate Lawyer – The Law Offices of Adrian Philip Thomas, P.A.

The Law Offices of Adrian Philip Thomas, P.A., a Florida probate law firm, has launched a new website.

After many years and hundreds of cases, the attorneys at Adrian Philip Thomas, P.A. have learned that the facts are always the same in a general sense, but have infinite variety as to the particulars.  There is always an elderly person, usually alone, and a predatory relative, friend, or caretaker who takes advantage of the loneliness, dependency and infirmity of old age.  The large elderly and affluent population in Florida has created a hotbed for abuse and subsequent litigation.  The attorneys at Adrian Philip Thomas, P.A. understand that while clients are best served by first attempting to negotiate an honest, fair and prompt resolution to a dispute, it often becomes necessary for an estate attorney to litigate in order to preserve and protect a family member’s personal rights and assets or a client’s inheritance.

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