New Facebook Logo Defines the Importance of Typeface

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Facebook recently made an update to their logo, but you might not have noticed. By tweaking their typeface they made a slight change to the “a” and “b” that give off a slightly more polished and modern look.

The change represents a level of detail that defines the importance of a typeface not only for brand recognition, but for creating a feeling that the brand wants to evoke. The update was made in good taste and is the level of detail that really makes design speak. Learn more about what specifically changed.

A good designer should notice the update and care about this level of detail in the choices he or she makes when designing for the web.

Our Thoughts on the Update

So, what does PaperStreet think about the update? We’re all for it. “It’s a good touch-up of the logo. It was smart not to have made any drastic changes to a logo that is already established brand recognition around the world,” said Isabela, our logo designer.

What are your thoughts about the logo change? Let us know in the comments below.


facebook new logo


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3 Responses to New Facebook Logo Defines the Importance of Typeface

  1. Ed
    4:03 am on August 18th, 2015

    I was surfing around, checked some sites and happened to observe the header on a Facebook page…hello? What’s this? My inital thoughts were; the site has been hacked/lost it’s stylesheet/ my browser is out of date..I think the previous typeface had more character, it was bold, the typeface *became* the logo, in effect (like “Coca Cola”). The new one, with a less pronounced “a” looks definately more tame, which doesn’t fit one of the most talked about sites/companies on the web! Why try to look anonymous? Maybe Facebook has started spying on itself! 😉

  2. GMSujon
    2:16 am on January 8th, 2016

    I don’t like the new facebook logo either! the old typeface was more attracting and presented more bold character! Whatever, I am using the old typeface in my cover banner! @fb.com/gmsujon…

  3. Minda Lu
    12:28 pm on April 21st, 2017

    I can not log in to my Facebook account. My initial thought was, my facebook account was hacked? Please help.

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