Easy, Fast and Professional Email Blasts

Do you need to send a message to your clients? Email campaigns are the easiest way to reach your clients on a professional level. Our preferred third-party vendor is MailChimp, at” http://www.mailchimp.com/.” They have a funny name, but offer a great service. We have steadily watched them grow and work on perfecting their service.

Whether you are sending announcements, tips for clients, celebration cards, or event invitations, once you decide to set up an account, it’s easy to get started — and PaperStreet can help!

To open an account we will need:

  1. A credit card (for MailChimp to have on file). This is used to purchase the credits to send out emails.”
  2. Your list in excel format.
  3. Column 1 – First Name
  4. Column 2 – Last Name
  5. Column 3 – Email”

Please note that Mailchimp has good spam practices in place to ensure they are a credible service. This means that your list would need to be stripped of any” info@” emails and any emails that will get bounced back.

To create an email campaign we will need:

  1. Your message. Remember to keep it simple and avoid wordy paragraphs. Lists are great and easy for people to skim (as we all know how many emails we read each day).
  2. A theme idea. We will guide you in selecting a format and create graphics that communicate your message but adhere to your brand.

Management Details to Consider

Typically the first email that goes out will notify you of any bad email addresses, which then should be removed from your list by you.

It is mandatory to include a unsubscribe feature, usually in the footer, to allow recipients to “opt out.” These unsubscribers will be” automatically removed from the list. You will not have to do it yourself.

You can include a sign-up form on you site (in fact, it is encouraged) for clients to “opt in” and receive messages from your firm. MailChimp likes to know where you are getting your emails. This looks legitimate.

You can have multiple lists for distinguishing your clients by categories.

One of the great things about Mailchimp is your contacts are easily managed with minimal work done by you.

Finally, you can always export your list from Mailchimp to update your local contact data, as many firms and companies like to have them locally as well.
Once everything is ready to go, we can send test emails and then “blast away!” ” PaperStreet can walk you through how to send out future campaigns from any computer.

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