Different Types of Biography Photos for Law Firm Websites


Discuss Website Photography Early

Your website photography is something you should think about at the very start of the design process. At the latest we like to address this topic in creative planning. The type of imagery you use has a big impact on the overall tone for the site. One of the biggest features is your biography photos.

Your biography photos carry a lot of punch. They can drastically change the way a website looks and help define an overall style for the site, which typically falls into two categories: modern or traditional, although there is an “in-between.”

Types of Bio Photos

Full Screen Images


Full screen images are modern and clean. In this example the photo is full length. Full length photos require a commitment from the firm – not everyone is comfortable with them. If you are willing to take a full body shot, get in touch with a professional photographer who can help you create an appealing image.

Designs featuring this type of photography have shorter bios, or tabs of content to control the length of the page. This is one of the most modern routes you can take right now in biography website design.


Widescreen Images


A widescreen image is a full background image. Often this style requires work in Photoshop to extend the background to the full length of the screen. For this reason, we don’t typically recommend this style for a firm with many attorneys. The required handiwork can quickly drive up the cost of your website. In the past, we have worked with photographers who edited the photos to the exact dimension we need.

Although this layout is still modern, it is loved by firms who have both modern and traditional style goals.


Mid-Size Images


A mid-size image is the perfect “in-between” approach. It is modern, yet somewhat traditional. It isn’t your typical headshot because it’s larger, but it doesn’t take up the full screen like the full or widescreen images above. This style is a good option for a firm that wants to update their look, but not go too off-the-wall.


Traditional Images



This type of imagery is your standard headshot and very traditional. Occasionally clients come to us and want a refreshed website – new layout and blog – but are not looking to be flashy or modern. There are definitely bigger and better ideas, but some firms don’t want super modern, and if that is the case, this is a great option.

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