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You want to make sure you are hiring a company that can meet your needs, so, naturally, you have questions before you sign on the dotted line. Check out some technical and detailed questions below that a firm recently asked PaperStreet before signing on as a client.

If you have specific questions about our services, feel free to reach out to us—we’re happy to help.


How customizable is your CMS interface?   Is it user-customizable?

The Total Control CMS is designed by our team and already setup to allow for easy content entry.  We have user tested this on more than 300+ websites.  We have modules for content, attorneys, practices, offices, blog, news, seminars/events, cases, and more.  However, we always love client feedback on new tools and ideas for Total Control.  Some of our best features have come from specific client requests.  Clients can always ask for revisions to the interface.  We will then discuss editing the interface to meet their needs.


What project management and collaboration tools will be used during development?  As a client, will we have access to view progress on tasks and milestones?

We collaborate with all our clients using testing links hosted on our server.  The testing links include the actual designs, site structures, wireframes, notes, and documents. You will have a unique testing link to access all project files. We use Google Docs for all our checklists, tasks and milestones. It is easy to update, easy to access, and covers all the projects information.  We give access to our team and clients.  We also use Drop Box, GoToMeeting, email and phone for communication during the project.


Do we need to create special graphics to be mobile optimized?

The firm does not need to create any special graphics.  PaperStreet will use the Principal of Responsive Images and this is included as part of our web design.  We can either use scalable icons, where a SVG file is created where the logo and icons scale to any size.  However, not all browsers support this method (so it is not fully recommended at this time).  Our current option is using an Adaptive Method.  With adaptive, we determine through code which size logo and icon to load.  Smaller devices receive smaller sized logos and resolution.  Devices with “retina” displays or large formats, receive higher resolution.  We load the highest quality logo and icon.


How frequently do we need to edit title tags, description tags, keyword tags?

Frequency is not the key to success for search rankings.  You should be able to write the title tag and description tag once.  You may need to revise if they are underperforming for your target terms.  I do not recommend placing a keyword tag online because it gives away competitive information and is no longer used by search engines to rank websites.


Are all logins to the CMS server protected by SSL encryption?



Any limit to the number of administrative accounts?

No.  You can have unlimited accounts and user permissions.


What is the standard turnaround time for updating the website for changes with mobile operating systems, such as iOS7?

For emergency fixes, where a new OS would break a design, we would offer same-day fixes where possible.  We always support our clients with same-day fixes.

Please note that most OS designs will not break a website though.  In 12 years of business, we have only had a few occasions where a new OS or browser completely breaks a design.  If refinement of a design is needed, we can schedule for that week.

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    Hi Kevin, for more information you can reach Kenyon, our Sales Manager at

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