Before and After: The Design Team Takes It Up A Notch

A white, rounded square logo with an abstract S-shaped design on a gradient blue and purple background.

Feedback is critical to the web creation process.  Our team of designers, writers and developers need to know your goals, preferences and style in order to be successful in expanding your web presence. This feedback is most important during the design process.

Expanding Original Ideas From Clients

For clients the design process is usually the most fun. It is your opportunity to choose colors, fonts and images that best represent the work you do.  Clients are eager to move forward and they often take it upon themselves to begin brainstorming design and art concepts. While this helps our team determine the style, direction and color preferences of a firm, your original concepts will benefit from a professional eye. We will take your original ideas and expand upon them.

Trusting your design team to execute your vision is paramount to the overall process. Our award-winning design team has made a career out of creating, embellishing and improving your raw ideas. We do it every day, and we love it.

Our team will always work with your original designs—we just take it up a notch.

Case and Point

Recently a client submitted art suggestions before the creative process began. We used the clients original ideas, but improved them.

Check out the before and after screenshots below.


A graphic showing interlocking gears with text: "Making the Litigation System Work for You." The gears and text, revamped by the design team, are in various colors. The image includes the website header of a law firm's website, showcasing a stunning before and after transformation.




Image showing the homepage of Sessions Fishman Nathan & Israel law firm, featuring a maze graphic with an arrow and the text "Let Us Guide You Through Your Legal Issues." Before and After: The Design Team Takes It Up A Notch.



Two images side by side: on the left is a graphic heart filled with housing icons, and on the right is a website header for Sessions Fishman Nathan & Israel (SFN). Both feature the phrase "EXPERIENCE COUNTS & OUR REPUTATION IS WELL EARNED." Before and After: The Design Team Takes It Up A Notch.



Two versions of the same business advertisement featuring colorful lightbulb graphics and the text "Fresh Ideas, Illuminating Your Business, Meeting Your Needs" show a striking before and after transformation: The Design Team Takes It Up A Notch. Each ad includes a button labeled "Virtual General Counsel.

Our design team worked with the original concepts the client submitted and molded the ideas to create an overall theme. We made them better.

And that is not even the mind-blowing part …

Our designers created art for six slides from one image. All of the pieces you see in the illustrations (gears, lines, clouds, and arrows) came from the image below.


Before and after: The design team takes it up a notch with an illustration of a brain filled with colorful gears, arrows, clouds, and various symbols, representing complex processes and interconnected systems.

This illustration of a brain is what ignited the creative process. Our team used this image to create the additional slides and messages for the homepage. The result is a cohesive message that calls for your attention, but retains qualities of simplicity and sophistication with a modern twist.

Crafting the Best First Impression

When your site is viewed by a potential client the visual elements will resonate first. By allowing our design team to elaborate on your ideas, or create new ones, you are giving us the tools to create a positive first impression—one that aims to turn visitors into clients.

As a client of PaperStreet you are allotted the opportunity to work with, and benefit from, a team of elite designers. That’s why you hire us.

If you are inclined to submit raw design ideas and concepts, keep in mind that it is our job to turn your suggestions into sound representation of the firm. Our expertise takes your ideas to another level.

Contact Our Award-Winning Design Team

For more than 10 years the design team at PaperStreet has been recognized by legal entities, marketing experts and design professionals for exceptional creative planning and first-class design. Our portfolio speaks for itself.

You can work with us too. We look forward to the opportunity to make your website one-of-a-kind.  Contact us online today.


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