Try This Quick Fix When Chrome Starts to Slow Down

Peter Boyd

August 14, 2014

Help! My Chrome Browser is Dragging

Is your Chrome slow?  Mine was.  Every time I typed or tried to click on various elements on the page, the system would take a few seconds to respond.   It was proving to be very frustrating.

I fixed the problem by disabling hardware acceleration and then restarting the computer.

Solution for Slow-Loading Chrome

GO HERE: Settings  > Advanced Settings > System headline

You will find a check box that you need to disable, which reads: “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

Uncheck this box and feel the need for speed. Some screenshots for image-happy people are below.


After you fine the advanced settings button scroll down to the headline that reads “system.” Then uncheck the second box.


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One Response to Try This Quick Fix When Chrome Starts to Slow Down

  1. Matthew
    6:27 pm on August 26th, 2014

    We’re supposed to uncheck hardware acceleration to speed up the browser? Seems funny that you disable it to make the browser respond quicker…

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