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How to Create a Blog Post in WordPress

This video is a brief tutorial about how to add a blog post in a WordPress theme by PaperStreet. (No Sound) This video is based on our WordPress based theme built by PaperStreet. This is the base used to create…

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How to Update the Author of Multiple Posts in WordPress

If you ever need to update the author(s) of your posts in WordPress and think you have to manually update each one, we are here to tell you there is a much easier way. Let’s say for example an employee…

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A Major Update Is Coming to WordPress – Here’s What You Need to Know

WordPress version 5.0 will bring with it something big. Codenamed “Gutenberg,” it is perhaps one of the more quietly exciting projects in web technology this year. Gutenberg is a total revamp of the WordPress text writing and editing experience and…

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Why WordPress Hosting with PaperStreet

There are many reasons to host on our high-speed WordPress servers.  The best reason is that our servers are fast, stable, reliable and secure.

We are not just a web host – we’re your web partner.  Most hosting providers do not make plugin recommendations. They don’t help you upgrade WordPress monthly (a requirement). They charge extra for SSLs and monitoring.  They don’t have staging platforms that make edits easy.  We include all this and more.

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Working with Menus in WordPress

Menus are critical part of your website. Tasked with listing and displaying the main links to your website’s content, they are vital for getting visitors to your key pages. An often overlooked WordPress feature is its Menu editor that keeps…

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Enhance Your WordPress Blog Content with Images

At PaperStreet, there are many reasons we build most of our websites in WordPress. But if there’s one reason to rule them all, it is to enable you, the website owner, to add your own content. New posts and pages keep things…

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How to Brand Your WordPress Login Page

Branding your WordPress login page is relatively easy and allows you to provide a more customized experience for the users of your website.

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Webinar: Sharing Videos for Your Law Firm Website

YouTube has an audience you just can’t ignore – more than 1 billion unique viewers every month. Becoming a part of the video world sounds scarier than it is. In this month’s webinar you will learn the basics of video…

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Quick and Simple WordPress Shortcode – Straight from the Developers Desk

Interested in creating custom shortcodes in WordPress? It is really easy.  Below is an example of a shortcode that we recently used: You can add this directly to the functions.php file.  Something to keep in mind is that you do…

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A Collection of PaperStreet Webinars

Every month a PaperStreet staff member creates and presents a webinar. They range in topic from SEO and content to design and latest trends. Check out some of our favorites (broken down by category, of course). You can see all of…

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