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Your Staff Not Reading Internal Emails? Perhaps You Should Spice It Up.

At PaperStreet we embrace our inner child and regularly partake in jokes and sarcasm. We admit that our philosophy is modern, and enjoy making the workplace a fun atmosphere. Making Internal Emails Stand Out Just like any company, the staff…

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Lawyers are… Stereotyping Professions via Google Auto Complete.

Google auto complete is an interesting tool to see what others are thinking. Simply type a few works and don’t hit enter. Google will showcase some interesting related ideas. Let’s see what the internet thinks about lawyers and compare that…

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Florida Bar Advertising Rules on Posts to Twitter and Facebook Posts

The Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court has just handed down its new advertising rules.  For the most part, the rules are a welcome change.  However, one area of concern is social media posts such as Twitter and Facebook. According…

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Florida Bar Website Advertising Rules: A Detailed Analysis of the Rules & Our Notes

We previously wrote on a brief analysis of the Florida Bar Rule changes for Advertising.  You can view that topic here.  This is now a detailed analysis of the rules. The Subchapter 4-7 rules can be found here.   Here are…

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12 Changes to Florida Bar Advertising Rules for 2013

This is a review of the Florida Bar’s new advertising rules.  Since we are a web design and internet marketing company, we are mainly reviewing the rules from a perspective of interactive media.  However, note the rules apply to any…

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We Recommend for IT support and IT services

Being in the web design field, we have had our fair share of dealing with IT support companies and IT services. One company that stands above the rest of the crowd is Western Digitech. Josh, John, and the rest of…

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How to Automatically Back Up your Google Docs to your PC

A few months ago, there was a high-profile story online about how Google had lost a user’s documents stored on Google Docs. While this is not a common occurrence, you are going to want to keep a backup if you are storing important files that are key to your business.

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New PaperStreet Careers – Legal Writer, Legal Copy Editor and Attorney Writer

PaperStreet is now hiring freelance writers to fill 3 available positions. Read More..

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How To Rid Outlook of Evil Blue Underlined Links in your Email Campaigns

While designing an HTML email template here at PaperStreet, I came across an annoying little issue dealing specifically with the way my links were showing.

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How to Export PDFs from PowerPoint – and Why You Should

Have you ever created a PowerPoint presentation to convey your notes to someone? PowerPoint is a great tool for such a task, but often times you may be doing yourself and the individual who interprets your notes a disservice.

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