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Robin TidrickWhy You Really (Really) Need a Responsive Website

Responsive Web Design Ensures Optimal Viewing Experience In my position as Sales Account Manger for PaperStreet, it has become increasingly clear to me the importance of having a responsive website. A responsive website will automatically resize to the device being…

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AndrewPaperStreet Achieves Immediate Traffic Improvements with Law Firm Website Redesign

Recently, PaperStreet was tasked with redesigning a website for Bloom Legal geared toward traffic ticket law in the New Orleans area.  The website,, was doing well for a small site, but needed to increase page views, decrease the bounce…

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Peter BoydBest Practices for your Law Firm Website for 2013

Want to know how to effectively market your law firm online in 2013?  Watch a 30 minute free webinar on tactics that can help your website. PowerPoint Presentation Don’t have 30 minutes, then feel free to browse through the PowerPoint…

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paperstreetWebsite Reviews 101

Here at PaperStreet, clients often ask us to review existing websites and offer suggestions on how to improve them. We start with identifying the site’s preliminary focus: Is the site strictly informational? Is the site selling a product or service?…

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Alex DiSebastianWe Recommend for IT support and IT services

Being in the web design field, we have had our fair share of dealing with IT support companies and IT services. One company that stands above the rest of the crowd is Western Digitech. Josh, John, and the rest of…

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paperstreet10/25/11 – Chicago Class Action Trial Lawyers – Williams Montgomery & John Ltd.

Williams Montgomery & John Ltd., a Chicago Trial law firm, has re-launched its website. The name partners of Williams Montgomery & John are nationally known trial attorneys and members of the prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Barry Montgomery and…

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JillianBefore and After: Law Firm Website Redesigns

For the past month, the PaperStreet team has blogged extensively about various aspects of law firm website redesign. But sometimes, it’s better to show, rather than tell.

So, let’s compare side-by-side some redesigns we have done recently, so you can see firsthand the improvements and the upgrades we make — of not only style and appearance, but organization and usability.

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AndrewUsing Google Analytics To Decide If You Need A Website Redesign

Good design performs. And by using Google Analytics, you can obtain statistical data about what is, and what is not, working on your current website. Armed with this data, you can more effectively determine your need for a redesign – going beyond the “it just looks dated” argument. More importantly, you can ensure any redesign is cost-effective by targeting your weak areas, preserving your strengths, and setting measurable goals.

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paperstreet5 Questions to Ask Before Tackling a Website Redesign

Save your business time, money and headaches by considering the following questions before embarking on a website redesign.

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Jillian8 Steps to a Law Firm Web Site Redesign

A website redesign isn’t about changing colors and picking a new font. It’s about taking the opportunity to evaluate one of your most important marketing tools — one that can be seen by anyone at the click of a link.

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