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DavidGoogle’s Second Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Boost has Gone Live!

In case you haven’t already heard, Google has completed making the second version of the mobile-friendly update live today. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller announced on Twitter this morning, saying, “The mobile changes mentioned here are now fully rolled…

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DavidAnother Google Mobile Algorithm Update Rolling Out in May

Google announced yesterday that they will be rolling out another mobile-friendly algorithm update in May. The new update will increase the strength of the mobile-friendly signal within the algorithm.

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Allison GagliardiThree Things to Be Thankful For This Season: Your Strong Social Media Presence, Responsive Design and Killer Mobile App

‘Tis the season to count your blessings—in-between your turkey dinner and holiday gifts, don’t forget to be thankful for your website and all of the components that go along with it: your social media presence, responsive design and mobile application.…

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Peter BoydMobile Search Redirects – Deliver as Promised

Do you redirect all your smartphone and mobile users to your overall shiny, new mobile homepage?  Worse yet, do you redirect them to an entirely different website? Google explicitly states that it will offer ranking changes to those websites that…

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Peter BoydMobile SEO Penalties. Do you Redirect Properly?

All mobile sites should allow for proper website traffic to flow into sub-pages. If your mobile visitors just redirect into your home page, then Google considers your website to be faulty and may penalize it in the rankings.

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Peter BoydBest Practices for your Law Firm Website for 2013

Want to know how to effectively market your law firm online in 2013?  Watch a 30 minute free webinar on tactics that can help your website. PowerPoint Presentation Don’t have 30 minutes, then feel free to browse through the PowerPoint…

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paperstreetSix Ways to Improve Mobile Web Design

By now you have probably heard of mobile web design. The ever-changing platforms by which we as Internet users access our content seem to evolve by the minute. As such, adapting websites for the endless array of screen sizes, resolutions,…

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paperstreet‘Aren’t all websites mobile?’ No. Why You Need a Mobile Site

With more people than ever utilizing their mobile devices for web browsing, there has been a lot of buzz in the media about Mobile websites and their impact on your business and marketing strategies.

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AndrewBuilding Mobile Websites – Overwriting iPhones’ Automatic Phone Number Coloring

When building out my last mobile website, I came across a common problem. The issue is that certain phones — such as the iPhone — are programmed in such a way that when they see a phone number, they automatically make it one color. But what if the default color for displaying phone numbers is set to black, and on the mobile website there is a black background?

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ScottThe Easy Way to Manage your Mobile Website Content

Your website’s Content Management System, such as Wordpress or Total Control, can also be used to manage the content for a mobile version of your website. In fact, you can use the same content that your regular site uses.

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