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Robin portraitHow to Accept Payments on Your Law Firm Website

The Ultimate Convenience for Your Clients Every year website content makes a shift toward client-centric writing. Websites are becoming hubs of information. Their purpose is to inform, educate and advise. Part of making your website useful to clients is accepting…

Pete Boyd portraitEffective Online Web Presence for Law Firms

Your web presence is everything you put online. Stop thinking just about your website and start thinking about everything you could be doing online.  Here is a brief outline:

Using Anchor Text to Boost Your Law Firm’s Search Rankings (SEO)

Most lawyers don’t know a ton about SEO — Search Engine Optimization — but they are vaguely aware that if they include certain keywords in their website content, they will tend to rank higher with search engines like Google.

Alex portraitHow to handle SEO when redesigning your website?

Everything has a shelf life. Your website and your website’s Search Engine Optimization information is no different. They are directly intertwined, so if you are looking at one, you better not ignore the other.

Elyssa portraitDesigning for SEO: 5 Key Elements to Include

Many believe you can have SEO or a great design, that they are mutually exclusive. But the truth is your glass will be half empty without both.

Pete Boyd portraitIs your Web Site a Revolving Door? Who is Leaving your Site? Bounce Rates of Web Site Referrals for Law Firms

I can just see the bounce rate increasing on our blog from this long headline. We compared the bounce rates of 10 random law firm sites in our portfolio. We will make a case for where you can get the most traffic, which directory or search engine has the lowest bounce rate, and how you can improve your site. If you want a lot of traffic to your site, then get ranked high in Google. had the lowest bounce rate with an average of 10%.

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