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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of editing your web site’s content, code and links so that it appears amongst the top search results for your keyword phrases.

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Law Firm SEO Tips

So you were told that your law firm needs SEO. You read a bit and talked to several vendors, but you’re having a hard time comparing apples to apples (or even oranges). Let’s go over 10 important facts:

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How to handle SEO when redesigning your website?

Everything has a shelf life. Your website and your website’s Search Engine Optimization information is no different. They are directly intertwined, so if you are looking at one, you better not ignore the other.

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How to Run a SEO Campaign for a Law Firm

This is our five-step method for achieving SEO and internet marketing success. A lot of factors and time goes into each of these steps, but this is the process:

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What SEO Results Can You Expect?

We find that clients who produce quality content, focus their practice, create a brand, and pay attention to their marketing do well. Those that simply slap up something that is unfocused and let the website rot do poorly. I know, simple, but so often missed that it needs to be said.

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