Building Your Essentials Law Firm Website…. it’s Like Building a House

“I need a quick website up and running and I have a small budget!” This is a common phrase we hear from clients and prospective clients. If that sounds like your situation, you are talking to the right people… we reply! The PaperStreet support team can get a placeholder page online same-day with just a handful of essential information. A full law firm website can be live in just a few weeks as long as you’re committed to getting us the materials we need to create the website.

Our Essentials Law Firm Web Design Process

You wouldn’t hire a contractor to build your house without telling them your preferences and making some basic decisions like the number of bedrooms, wall colors, and size of the garage… oh, no, because that would result in a terrible final product – one that doesn’t meet your expectations. The same is true for your website.

Our award-winning web design team can do just about anything but, in order to meet your budget, stay within the scope of work, and deliver on time, we need your input and preferences, especially at the beginning of the project.

The Project Brief

As soon as you sign up for an Essentials law firm web design, you’ll complete a project brief, where you’ll provide the following information and make some initial decisions:

  • Share with us your domain and Google account information (for Google analytics).
  • Select a law firm web design. (We call this the theme.)
  • Select a logo style. (Yes, it’s included if you don’t have one.)
  • Choose a series of photos for your new website.

After you’ve completed the project brief you’ll provide the content for each page in your website. At this point in the process we begin to code the website. You will have chance to provide feedback before we push it live and only after we’ve carefully completed our comprehensive pre-launch checklist.

Essentials Law Firm Web Design Timeline and Cost

By now you’re probably thinking, “how much this will cost?” PaperStreet has been in business for 20 years. Our design and internet marketing team knows how to build you a beautiful site. Our – oh, the cost… our Essential law firm web design pricing is transparent.

Our team can have your website live in two weeks time if you’re able to provide the materials we need on time. The timing of your project comes down to how committed you are about getting it live quickly. We can work as fast as you can tell us whether you want a 1-car or 2-car garage.

Learn more about out Essentials Law Firm Web Designs.

One Response to Building Your Essentials Law Firm Website…. it’s Like Building a House

  1. Aaron Starc
    4:56 am on April 10th, 2020

    I think one of the most important trends for building websites these days is simplicity and UI. If you get these two right, there is a great chance of user experience being good and eventually leading them to become a prospect of yours.

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