Award-Winning Law Firm Websites:  The Best Recognition is the Recognition from Peers


Designers are often plagued with nagging doubts. I can say this as I used to be a website designer many years ago. No matter how great the design was, I always wondered whether my work was good enough? Was the client going to like the design? Even if approved, I wondered would it be built to spec by the dev team?  And finally, would it actually convert clients once live?

I designed a lot of our websites from 2001 until much more talented individuals took over (i.e. Elyssa, Jillian, Alejandro, Jacky and other designers at PaperStreet). Even with our best website designs, collectively some of those same questions float through our team. The best way to combat this doubt is with praise – designers loooove praise –  you could say they live for it. What artist doesn’t?  Positive client feedback is terrific. Seeing the site launch is awesome. Awards are icing on the cake. But I believe the real pinnacle of praise is when a peer cites your work as amazing, in our case that means another agency showcasing our work.

The team at PaperStreet have received the ultimate recognition – other agencies now cite our work in various blog posts covering “best law firm websites.”  Imitation is the highest form of flattery, which is why we freely acknowledge that other agencies are basing their work off of our end-product. We included some of the recent showcases of our work below.

Awards and Recognition from Other Agencies

Intechnic Blog Post

Intechnic has a pretty good blog post about the Best 20 Law Firm Websites.  It pretty much is a gallery of good examples (i.e. screenshots). Although, I have no clue regarding the agency that designed the remainder, but we  designed at least two of showcase pieces (See: #4 and #12 Not bad given the amount of good law firm websites in the digital universe.  You can view the screenshot here.

Inbound Law Marketing Blog Post

We also had our work cited in Inbound Law Marketing blog as some of the top 50 law firm websites.  We were at #5 for, #7 for, #16 for, #17 for, #45 for, #56 for We may also have a few more that I don’t recognize off hand.  Further, in the 2017 article we had 12 of the listings (about half the list)! WOOHOO!

Disruptive Advertising Blog Post

In this agency’s blog post, titled, 11 Best Lawyer Websites, our team’s awesomeness was displayed on 5 out of the 11 examples on the page!  We claimed the #1 spot for, #3 for, #4 for, #6 for, and #9 for  So nearly half of the designs are produced by our company. WOOOOO! You can view the screenshot here.

Thanks! But a Mention Would be Cool

I would like to thank all the agencies for citing our work. It helps crush those nagging doubts for designer and team alike. We try hard to build brands for law firms and I think it shows in our work. I would be remiss to say that all of the agencies listed deserve credit. We like seeing our work cited as the best, as I am sure others are.  But it would be super cool to get a mention on those pages too. Not a huge citation, but something below each photo of what firm designed the website would be nifty.

I did reply in the comments to each article, to see if we could at least participate in the discussion on two of the websites.  However, my comment was never approved (or simply deleted). Not sure why, as we said thanks and simply said which websites were ours.  My theory is that these agencies want to rank high for specific searches like “best law firm website design”, so they created a SEO list article (a common SEO tactic).  But they don’t want to give credit to the agencies who helped produce those websites.

Anyways, thanks for citing our work as the best in the business.  

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