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Isabela BellosoThe Importance of Great Photography for Law Firm Websites

Webinar Translation In the webinar we’re going to be discussing a couple of topics. So our outline for today is why is a good bio image so important for your law firm website, things you should take into account before…

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Isabela BellosoPart 2: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Website Photographs

Enhancing Your Bio Images Using Photoshop In Part 1 you learned how how to prep for your photograph. Taking the perfect picture is hard, that’s why designers use Photoshop. We can enhance and add finishing touches to the photograph so…

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Isabela BellosoPart 1: What You Need to Know Before Taking Your Attorney Photos

Prepping for a Great Photograph One of the most visited pages on a law firm website is the bio page. Potential clients want to know about you before they contact you or your firm directly. Your website bio is one…

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Isabela BellosoFive Characteristics of a Great Logo

Below are five characteristics of a great logo and some examples. 1. Simple Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. The simplest logos are the ones people remember the most. 2. Scalable A…

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Isabela BellosoThree Photoshop Tricks to Enhance and Extend Your Images

Images have a huge impact on a website. The right photo can take a website from just okay to amazing! But sometimes the photos we have, or want to use, are small or not the required dimensions. There are several…

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Isabela BellosoAwesome iPad App to Create Sketches for Vector Logo Design

Last month we discovered an awesome app to create our custom logos called 53 Paper. We were very excited to discover some of its cool features. The app comes with a couple of sketching tools like pencil, paintbrush, and many…

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