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Gui portraitPhotos for Your Essentials Website (Updated 2021)

On this previous post we covered how to find photos that you like for your website. This post will outline how to easily “crop” the photos you found to ensure they will work nicely in the Essentials theme you selected.…

Gui portraitHow To Use BugHerd To Review Your Site (Updated 2021)

You selected your website layout, handpicked photos, and worked through your content. Now it’s time to make sure all your hard work was put together nicely to create your web presence. This is the time to review your testing link!…

Gui portraitPaperStreet Essentials: The Steps to Building Legal Websites on a Budget

A brief overview of launching a website with our Essentials design line.

Gui portraitYour site is caching! Why? What can you do about it?

When you are actively making changes to a website, there is a great chance that once you save the changes you made and reload your site, you won’t see them take effect. That’s because your browser is displaying the latest version it saved of your site and it doesn’t include the changes you just made. When that happens, you need to clear your cache.

Gui portraitSimple Design Changes Lead to 300% Increase in Conversions in 24 Hours

We were able to help one of our clients increase their conversion rate by 300% in less than 24 hours by making a few relatively easy updates.