African Health Organization – Umdoni and Vulamehlo HIV/AIDS Association

PaperStreet announces the launching of the new site for the Umdoni and Vulamehlo HIV/AIDS Association (UVHAA).

The Association focuses on providing care and support to some of the poorest and least accessible communities in rural KwaZulu-Natal. Members of the UVHAA include health care professionals, nongovernmental organizations and members of the target communities who have been active in community based health care over the past few years.

The UVHAA has several ongoing projects dedicated to improving quality of life for people and reducing the incidence of HIV infections. These are:

  • Home Based Care
  • Child Headed Families
  • Road 2 Recovery
  • Community Care Centres
  • Man 2 Man Talks
  • Vegetable Tunnels

You can join the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa by contacting the UVHAA or donating to their cause. Every little bit helps.

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