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Switching to a New Domain Name? Inform Google and Bing [Guide]

Switching your domain name should always be thought of as a last resort, but if you have to do it we recommend using Google’s “Change of Address” tool.

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PaperStreet Domains for Sale

We have been in business for 15 years now and have acquired all types of odd domains. It is time to sell!

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How Domains, Name Servers, DNS and Websites Work

The first step in getting a website live is to secure a domain name. The real internet runs on IP addresses such as A domain name is simply a friendly name such as so that we do not have to remember that long IP address.

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Law Firm Best Practice Guidelines for a Name, Address, Phone or Domain Name Change

If your firm is moving locations, adding a partner, switching phone numbers or going with a new domain name, then there is work that needs to be done. Why Should You Update the Information Online? For accurate information and rankings,…

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New Domains Available for Law Firms: .Law, .Lawyer & .Attorney

You Can Now Purchase Domains Like:,, or even The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the nonprofit group responsible for all domains. Recently they allowed for three new top level domain name extensions: .law,…

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How Do 301 Redirects of Domain Names Impact SEO Rankings?

I recently received a question from a client who just purchased a slew of new domain names with new TLD’s (top-level domain) and asked me to setup 301 redirects to his main site. His question to me after the redirects were…

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Use Your .htaccess File to Redirect an Alternative Domain

Redirect for Success If you purchase an alternative domain name, you need to have it redirect to the primary domain. This avoids duplicate content between the two. The search engine spiders will index each domain name separately and the content…

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Austin Eminent Domain Attorneys – Barron & Adler, LLP

Barron & Adler, LLP, a Texas eminent domain law firm, has just launched a new website. Barron & Adler is a boutique law firm focusing in eminent domain, condemnation, inverse condemnation and regulatory takings.  With offices in Austin and Houston,…

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.htaccess: .co domains and redirects

When doing multiple htaccess redirects, there is an issue with .co domains conflicting with .com redirects. If you already have a non-www version of your .com domain redirecting into the www version of the .com domain, then any www .co domain redirect into the www .com will cause a failure. To solve this, you need to put in a $ at the end of a www .co redirect (and sometimes in the non-www too).

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.htaccess Redirects: www, non-www, and alternate domains

For SEO purposes and marketing purposes, you often want to have all your domains redirected into a primary domain. This helps with telling the search engines and your visitors your primary web site address. Your client may have 2, 5, 10 or 20 domains and they all should point to the primary www version, so how do you do all the redirects? Easy.

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