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Winning with WordPress

At PaperStreet, we have been designing sites with WordPress since 2004, growing with WordPress from version WP 1.2 to WP 5.0! WordPress offers functionality, unlimited design options, security, speed and optimization, making it an excellent choice for designing your ideal law firm website. A well-designed and optimized law firm website can attract visitors and help you connect with potential clients.

Here are 50 of our favorite PaperStreet designed WordPress websites for you to peruse to get ideas for designing your own engaging law firm website.

1.  Morris-Sockle

Launched in February 2019, Morris-Sockle’s website combines a distinct color palette, eye-catching imagery, attorney videos, client testimonials, a carousel of awards, and bold taglines to attract clients.

2. Wilford Conrad

Wilford Conrad is a boutique law firm that emphasizes its agility and flexible approach to problem solving. With a PaperStreet Plus package, Wilford Conrad launched this new website in August 2018.

3. West Coast Trial Lawyers

West Coast Trial Lawyers launched their Plus package website in August 2017. They selected a responsive WordPress design that emphasized their commitment to strong client relationships.

4. Johnson Pope

Johnson Pope selected an Enterprise package to launch a modern and edgy WordPress site that emphasized their high quality national and international legal services.

5. Struble, P.A.

As a solo practitioner, Matthew Struble of Struble, PA selected a Custom package for his eye-catching WordPress site, which launched in June 2018.

6. Bick Law

Bick Law is a top-tier environmental law firm, and they selected a Custom design that emphasized their focus on animals and environmental concerns. Their site launched in August 2016.

7. Thorpe Schwer

Thorpe Schwer is a Phoenix-based civil litigation law firm that chose a clean but bright Custom design. The site launched May 2018.

8. Forman Watkins

With an Enterprise package that launched in May 2016, Forman Watkins selected a design that went on to receive a perfect score in the 2016 Interactive Media Awards for web design.

9. Wallace Childers

Wallace Childers’ Plus package web design launched July 2018. Their site uses dynamic and powerful visuals with movement.


VILAF used a Plus package design to capture the international and modern focus of their legal practice.

11. Colodny Fass

A mid-size firm, Colodny Fass used a Plus package design, combining captivating visuals with significant content to emphasize their attention to detail.

12. Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose

As a smaller firm that values quality and excellence, Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose launched a Custom designed site in March 2018.

13. White Harris

White Harris launched in September 2014 with a Plus package design that showcases their commitment to representing employers in employment law matters.

14. Oles Morrison

Launched in June 2017, the Oles Morrison WordPress site was created with an Enterprise package. Oles Morrison has a rich history and a focus on infrastructure industry, and their site reflects this with bold, rotating imagery.

15. The Lincoln Law Firm

The Lincoln Law Firm’s site launched in August 2018. The Plus package website uses language and graphics to stress attorney Christine Lincoln’s commitment to her client relationships.

16. Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina

Launched in October 2018, Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina’s Plus package website uses bright colors, movement, and an interactive design to attract clients.

17. Lyons Dougherty

Lyons Dougherty chose a modern and captivating Custom design to reflect their boutique firm’s cutting edge approach to a broad range of legal services. The site launched in December 2016.


18. Oppenheim Law

Oppenheim Law launched a Plus package site in December 2017.  They site uses a distinct color pattern for a reliable and connected feel throughout.

19.  Robbins Firm

The Robbins Firm launched in September 2017 with a Plus package site that uses unique graphics and strong messaging. The attorneys at Robbins Firm pride themselves on handling unusual and complex legal issues with creative solutions.

20.  Conway Farrell

Conway Farrell launched a Custom site in October 2017. The design rotates images and messaging instead of scrolling.

21. Hoge Fenton

Hoge Fenton launched an Enterprise website design in October 2016. The design uses eye-catching visuals and bold messaging to connect with clients.

22. Friedlander Misler PLLC

Launched in February 2015, Friedlander Misler’s site has a bold and interactive design.


23. Bronstein & Carmona 

Bronstein & Carmona launched a Custom design site in October 2015 with graphic and formatting choices to emphasize their local roots and a focus on individual client needs.

24. Jones Bell

Jones Bell chose a Plus site design, launched February 2017, to impart a message of sophistication and commitment to their Los Angeles base.

25. Schneider Wallace

The Custom design selected by Schneider Wallace launched in January 2018 with a strong content emphasis and bold, moving graphics.

26. Jordan Lewis PA

The Jordan Lewis site makes use of bright, bold colors and graphics mixed with content. The Plus package design launched February 2017.

27. Stearns Weaver Miller

Stearns Weaver Miller launched a Custom design site in March 2017, emphasizing their ties in Florida as a full service firm.

28. Taylor Day

Taylor Day launched a Custom package site in April 2017. Their design makes use of scrolling images with text.

29. Kolesar & Leatham

The Custom package design for Kolesar & Leatham launched in June 2017, showcasing their message and connecting with clients through vivid imagery and sliding tile descriptions.

30. Fischel Kahn

In February 2018, Fischel Kahn launched a Plus package design that utilized changing messaging and imagery to reflect their firm values.

31. McArdle Perez & Franco

McArdle Perez & Franco launched the firm’s Plus package site in December 2017. The site uses bright colors and reveals content when hovering over tiles.

32. Carter Conboy

Carter Conboy’s Enterprise package design launched in May 2018, using rotating messages and captivating images to attract clients.

33. Underwood Law

In December 2016, Underwood Law launched a Custom site that combines changing imagery, a distinct color palette, and messaging tailored to the firm’s values.

34. Kelley Kronenberg

Kelley Kronenberg’s Custom design uses attorney videos and quotes to connect with clients and humanize the people behind the services the firm provides.

35. Gunter Firm

Launched February 2011, Gunter Firm’s Custom site takes a unique approach by drawing comparisons between attorney Gunter’s strengths as an Ironman athlete and his advocacy and commitment to his legal clients.

36. Cohen Schneider Law

Cohen Schneider Law’s Plus package website launched in July 2018. The design they chose is modern with movement, to reflect their focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

37. Harvey & Binnall

Harvey & Binnall launched a Custom WordPress design in April 2018. Harvey & Binnall is a boutique firm known for its aggressive approach to litigation. Their site design uses animated scrolling with a consistent background to present a focused and bold message.

38. Boyd & Jenerette

The Plus design selected by Boyd & Jenerette launched in July 2014. The firm wanted to emphasize their long established reputation of excellence, so they used rotating high quality images with fade transitions that showcased their office locations and ties to the community.

39. Tucker Law Group

Tucker Law Group launched a Custom site in May 2016. The boutique firm selected a clean and structured design that makes it easy to learn more about their practice areas, insights, and the legal services they provide.

40. Wayne D. Effron, P.C.

In December 2017, Wayne D. Effron, P.C. launched a Plus design website. Given the often stressful and contentious nature of matrimonial law, the firm made a wise design choice to present clear, clutter-free messaging over calming images of nature.


41. Ansbacher Law

Ansbacher Law launched a Custom site in April 2017. Ansbacher Law wanted the design and user experience to highlight on the firm’s commitment to client relationships. WordPress Live Chat plugins are used to increase and improve the firm’s ability to communicate and connect with clients and potential clients.

42. Bourland Heflin Alvarez Minor & Matthews, PLC

BHAMM’s Plus site launched in February 2019. The design is clean, modern, and easy to navigate.

43. Brody and Associates

Brody and Associates launched their site with a Plus design in August 2017. They used carefully selected images that correspond to the changing messages to clearly communicate their brand to potential clients.

44. Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck

In February 2017, Kaufman Dolowich and Voluck launched their Enterprise site. The design makes use of strong content and a consistent color scheme to communicate the firm’s message in a clear and straight-forward manner.

45. Hirsch & Lyon

Hirsch & Lyon launched their Plus design site in April 2017. As a plaintiff side personal injury firm, Hirsch & Lyon relies on easy communication and accessibility to connect with clients. They use WordPress Live Chat plugins and clear, streamlined content delivery to meet this need.

46. Cox Fricke

In January 2017, Cox Fricke launched a Plus design site. The website showcases the firm’s awards and uses bold imagery and a clutter-free design.

47. Sky Law Group

Sky Law Group launched a Plus design in December 2016. The design presents a constant main message with changing background imagery, drawing attention to the firm focus and brand.

48. Hoffman & Hoffman

Hoffman & Hoffman launched their Custom design site in May 2018. The design is simple, focused, and easy to navigate.

49. Bancroft PLLC

The Custom site launched in January 2016 for Bancroft PLLC used a clean, minimalist approach. The design has a concise homepage simplified menu, and straightforward delivery of content.

50. Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout

Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout launched a Custom design site in July 2014. The design conveys their brand message clearly with creative imagery to support their creative approach to legal advocacy.

Whether a Custom, Enterprise, or Plus design is right for you, PaperStreet can help you craft a WordPress site that fits your brand and connects with your existing and target clients. If you want to talk about creative solutions to your internet marketing needs, get in touch with us, and check out the links below for more inspiration.

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