5 Tips for an Effective Email Subject Line

It may seem pretty simple to type up an email. On a daily basis, we probably send anywhere from five to 50 emails a day, but that doesn’t mean email marketing is an easy task. If you want to gain attention from your audience through email, then you better come up with an enticing subject line or your email will be deleted in an instant. If you need some pointers on how to hook your audience – do not fret- we’ve got a few to share.

Be Clear & Definitive

People want to know exactly what they are getting into and if it is worth their time. If the subject is wordy, convoluted or confusing, then the email will most likely get trashed. Remember people are going to be browsing the subject lines, and they don’t want to read a book. Keep it to around 40-50 characters.

Use More Verbs and Less Adjectives

The subject line should tell your readers what action to take, instead of being too descriptive. Use words like improve, create and respond. A good example would be: Take Two Minutes to Change the World. It states the purpose without giving too much away. Just keep in mind that the subject line needs to grab attention while still stating the main message of the email.

Change Up the Subject

Make sure you are not using the same subject lines over and over. For example, if you send out a weekly newsletter, then make sure the email subject line represents the contents of that specific newsletter. If someone continues to receive an email with the same headline over and over again, it will most likely be ignored.

Share the Consumer Benefit

Tell your recipient how they will benefit from opening the email. Will they save money, accumulate more business, or gain something new? If there is no incentive in it for them, then why should they even open the email?

Create Urgency

A great subject line should encourage the recipient to take action. It should make them feel like they are missing out on something if they do not open the email. If you can present the value of the information you are sending in your subject line, then it is more likely someone will open it.

Now that you read these tips you should be well on your way to creating enticing subject lines.

One last quick tip! Don’t forget to avoid spam trigger words. You can find a list of them here.

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