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AllisonPart 2: Video Blogging – Creating, Uploading and Posting Videos to Your Website

Step one to video blogging is determining the topics of the video and familiarizing yourself with best practices. Once you have a plan you need to execute it – that means recording, uploading, sharing and posting the video. Creating Law…

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AllisonPart 1: Video Blogging Basics – Best Practices & Topic Ideas

It isn’t as hard as you think. Today, making videos is easier than ever and uploading them to your site is even easier. Attracting more than 1 billion unique viewers every month, YouTube is an audience worth capturing. Vimeo is…

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Robin TidrickLAW DIRECTORIES INFOGRAPHIC: First Page Rankings are Just a Directory Away

A Profile on These Law Directories is Critical Amidst the ever changing and growing world of SEO there is one constant that has, is, and will continue to be an important factor in getting your website ranked … links. Backlinks…

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AlexInternet Marketing Benefits: Reinforcing the Importance of Social Media

We spend a lot of time reinforcing the importance of active social media accounts. Some clients need to do more with it and some clients just don’t buy it at all. They don’t think it is important. Yet, it is a…

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AllisonA Collection of PaperStreet Webinars

Every month a PaperStreet staff member creates and presents a webinar. They range in topic from SEO and content to design and latest trends. Check out some of our favorites (broken down by category, of course). You can see all of…

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