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Peter BoydApril Fools’ Day: How to Prank Your Staff at Work Today

Work is no fun if it is all work and no play. On a day when pranking your employees is expected and pretty much accepted, have a little fun. This morning I welcomed the PaperStreet team with an exciting email.…

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Kenyon ZahnerYou Might Need a New Website If …

Websites go out of style quickly.  The web development world is always changing and updating.  So, it is important to ask yourself, especially if you have not updated in multiple years, “do I need a new website?” Let us help…

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Kenyon ZahnerHow to Apply Some Hollywood Screenwriting Tricks to Your Email Correspondence

Want to apply some Hollywood screenwriting tricks to your boring everyday email correspondence? You’re reading the right blog. Below is a list of suggestions (in no particular order) from a former Hollywood screenwriter (yours truly) that can help make your email…

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AllisonYour Staff Not Reading Internal Emails? Perhaps You Should Spice It Up.

At PaperStreet we embrace our inner child and regularly partake in jokes and sarcasm. We admit that our philosophy is modern, and enjoy making the workplace a fun atmosphere. Making Internal Emails Stand Out Just like any company, the staff…

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Peter BoydLawyers are… Stereotyping Professions via Google Auto Complete.

Google auto complete is an interesting tool to see what others are thinking. Simply type a few works and don’t hit enter. Google will showcase some interesting related ideas. Let’s see what the internet thinks about lawyers and compare that…

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