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Isabela BellosoAwesome iPad App to Create Sketches for Vector Logo Design

Last month we discovered an awesome app to create our custom logos called 53 Paper. We were very excited to discover some of its cool features. The app comes with a couple of sketching tools like pencil, paintbrush, and many…

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AlejandroInfographic: What is a Vector File Format?

Countless times clients have asked in a panic, “Can you please send my logo over to our printer in a ‘vector’ format? I have no idea what this means!” Or, we need to request a client’s existing logo for our design work, only to receive a rasterized file format that doesn’t allow us to use it with unlimited creativity.

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ScottManaging Your Web Site Content in One Easy Program

A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is exactly what the name implies – an easy-to-use online system for adding, editing and deleting content from your website. There are several CMS options available, with the most widely used one being Wordpress. PaperStreet also offers Total Control, a CMS tailored specifically for law firms.

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Allison GagliardiReuse or Revamp? The Role of Content in a Website Redesign

When a law firm decides to revamp its outdated website, the goal is usually a new “look and feel” for the site. With all this focus on design, it’s very common to overlook a key element: the website’s actual content, particularly the written copy.

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