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Conversion rate optimization for law firms.

Leian IveyThe Best Pop Up Plugin for WordPress

Whether you need to increase website conversion or make an important announcement to your user, a popup plugin is the best option available to get users feedback on initial site load. A popup plugin is a WordPress extension that will…

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Peter BoydDo Not Submit! Get Creative with Contact Form Button Text

Using SUBMIT for contact forms is lazy and inefficient. Get creative with different ideas. You can improve you conversion rate and get more leads.

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Peter BoydEffective Online Web Presence for Law Firms

Your web presence is everything you put online. Stop thinking just about your website and start thinking about everything you could be doing online.  Here is a brief outline:

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JamieUsing Anchor Text to Boost Your Law Firm’s Search Rankings (SEO)

Most lawyers don’t know a ton about SEO — Search Engine Optimization — but they are vaguely aware that if they include certain keywords in their website content, they will tend to rank higher with search engines like Google.

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ElyssaConversion Rate Optimization for Lawyer Websites: Five Keys to Increasing Client Leads

Wish more people were contacting your law firm or business? If you have a website (or are planning on creating one), you must know what Conversion Rate Optimization is and how it can increase clients contacts and profits.

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