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paperstreetEffective Methods for Sharing Q&A Content

Sometimes you have a great idea, but are not sure how to best execute it so that it can meet its potential. We recently had a client with this problem. He was seeking guidance on the best way to share…

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SallyFive Reasons Why Website Content Should Not be an Afterthought

Producing quality content for your new website is a time-consuming process.  However, if you don’t invest the necessary time and thought into the content process, your site will suffer.  Below are five consequences of failing to give proper consideration to…

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AllisonPart 2: Video Blogging – Creating, Uploading and Posting Videos to Your Website

Step one to video blogging is determining the topics of the video and familiarizing yourself with best practices. Once you have a plan you need to execute it – that means recording, uploading, sharing and posting the video. Creating Law…

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AllisonPart 1: Video Blogging Basics – Best Practices & Topic Ideas

It isn’t as hard as you think. Today, making videos is easier than ever and uploading them to your site is even easier. Attracting more than 1 billion unique viewers every month, YouTube is an audience worth capturing. Vimeo is…

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AllisonDo You Really Need the Word “That”?

The That Tip That is one of the most overused words in writing. I would venture to say half the time you don’t need it in your writing. When we speak we use that as a filler word and it…

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