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Peter BoydBeware of Your Own Content: Do You Own the Data Export of Your Blog?

You wrote your website content and posted it yourself using your online CMS. You own the copyright to the content. When you leave your web development team you also have every right to the data … but, in what format?

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Peter BoydComprehensive Website Launch Checklist & Quality Assurance Checklist

Review our Web Launch Quality Assurance Checklist and Website Launch Checklist.

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Peter BoydHow NOT to Mess Up a New Website Launch

Instead of chaos you should have a comprehensive process for launching a website. A process minimizes errors and keeps launch day a fun day.

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David“This site may be hacked” Message Appearing? MailChimp URL Could Be the Cause

Recently, our client’s website was assigned the message “This site may be hacked” by Google within the search engine results page. We went through all of the necessary steps to ensure the website was not hacked and didn’t contain any malicious code.

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