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ScottCombining Websites and the Law: An Interview with PaperStreet Founder Pete Boyd

Talking Websites and Law Firms Pete Boyd is a University of Florida graduate. A husband. A father. An American business owner. A lawyer. And a self-proclaimed General Guru in the constantly evolving world of websites. Pete was ahead of his…

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ScottPaperStreet Now Accepting Online Payments

We recently added an online system for our clients to pay their invoices. It’s a very easy process but just in case there is some confusion, here’s a quick tutorial for our users.

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ScottOur Standard and Commonly Used WordPress Plugins

One of the positive aspects of WordPress is the thousands of user-created plugins that are readily available to help users accomplish almost any function imaginable. Rather than waiting on a new feature to be added to WordPress, users can quickly…

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ScottNo More Blurry Logo! Nicer Results from TCPDF

TCPDF is a free PDF generator that dynamically turns the contents of a web page into a PDF. Like most PDF generators out there, it has its quirks and limitations. Converting an HTML page to the PDF format is a…

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ScottTotal Control 101: Part 5 – Adding a Practice Area

This is the fifth post in a series of tutorials on PaperStreet Web Design’s content management system, Total Control. Today’s post will deal with adding practice areas to your website. Since Total Control is tailored to fit the needs of…

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