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ScottWhat’s Changed in Web Development in Recent Years?

Web development is always in flux and in the last few years has undergone significant changes.

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ScottCombining Websites and the Law: An Interview with PaperStreet Founder Pete Boyd

Talking Websites and Law Firms Pete Boyd is a University of Florida graduate. A husband. A father. An American business owner. A lawyer. And a self-proclaimed General Guru in the constantly evolving world of websites. Pete was ahead of his…

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ScottPaperStreet Now Accepting Online Payments

We recently added an online system for our clients to pay their invoices. It’s a very easy process but just in case there is some confusion, here’s a quick tutorial for our users.

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ScottOur Standard and Commonly Used WordPress Plugins

One of the positive aspects of WordPress is the thousands of user-created plugins that are readily available to help users accomplish almost any function imaginable. Rather than waiting on a new feature to be added to WordPress, users can quickly…

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ScottNo More Blurry Logo! Nicer Results from TCPDF

TCPDF is a free PDF generator that dynamically turns the contents of a web page into a PDF. Like most PDF generators out there, it has its quirks and limitations. Converting an HTML page to the PDF format is a…

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